The world is going through a change with the current pandemic of COVID-19.  One change that is helping the world overcome this situation is to minimise contact. The fear of touching public surfaces sparked by the Covid -19 outbreak is spurring a shift from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition systems for allowing access to employees across offices in the world. Corporates, which at present use fingerprint recognition and touch-based systems are moving to face recognition systems for attendance and access control.

Say yes to face recognition because face is the future!

Facial recognition technology built on deep learning AI platform

FaceChk is a face recognition software application for automated attendance marking. It is powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence to deliver accurate results for the most complex and real-time face recognition, in milliseconds. FaceChk is a powerful high-performance and scalable software and can be deployed effortlessly and effectively.

How FaceChk replicates human intelligence

Replacing human eyes with camera

Brain with compute unit

Intelligence with machine learning

Benefits to the staff

  • No queueing required that ensures social distancing
  • Touch-free ensures hygiene & contactless attendance
  • Mark attendance multiple times in a day
  • Notification sent to employee and HR

FaceChk uses proprietary technologies and a core brain built on a deep learning platform for a real time, secure, accurate, and seamless workforce and access management solution. It ensures that access is granted to authorized people only, smoothly and at all times.

FaceChk works effortlessly and without interruption

Salient Features of FaceChk

99% of accurate recognition

Easy Access Anywhere

10 millisecond recognition time

Compatible for all devices

Run on cloud server with encrypted data

Contacless – No touch required

Face Recognition Solutions

Looking for contactless biometrics system?

We are Face Recognition Biometrics company with an uncompromising propensity to simplify your identity complications. Our contactless face screening systems are quick, accurate and hygienic.

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